Well, New Year’s Eve has passed and we are already a bunch of days into 2022 and I’ve yet to post anything about it.  I went back and reviewed my previous posting for New Years, back to 2012 when I started this blog. I found I wrote nothing really profound or even exceptional to the sentiments usually expressed about New Years.  Nothing new there. When it came to making resolutions, I usually opted to resolve not to resolve.  This year is pretty much the same.  Symbolically, I’m just happy to see 2021 end.  It was not the best of years for me.  If it were a good one for you, well then, I wish you likewise for 2022.

I have to admit, I am a man with few superstitions, but once in a while I’ll give into a vibe or gut feeling.  I made a point of watching the ball drop in Times Square this year.  I missed it last year and while I certainly don’t see any tie to that influencing my having a tough 2021, I thought I’d just make sure to watch the ball this year as a sign of good luck if nothing else. Yeah, I know, it’s a stretch. 

But look at all those people who gather at Times Square every year, not to mention the millions who watch on television.  Drunk, stoned or sober, most of these people, as millions have on past New Year’s Eves, gather at this same place and same time for one purpose:  to say goodbye to the year passing and hello to the new one arriving.  It’s a new, clean slate, a cleansing of body and soul, a total forgiveness of past sins and encouragement to start anew.  What more could you want, what more could you fantasize merely by watching a round glowing crystal ball descending a pole atop a city skyscraper.  It’s all very crazy but what the hey.

If anything, I guess New Years is a good excuse.   In its own gimmick-free way, we can use it to suck up our woes and toss out the mistakes we’ve been collecting the past 365 days and once again look to the future, glitzy-eyed and guilt free.  And why not?  What else did you have planned for the week after Christmas?  


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  1. Marc Kuhn says:

    I smell a conspiracy, assuming there is a link between Nanook and Eskimo Pie.


  2. Anonymous says:

    People gathered for one more reason in 2021: to get COVID together!

    2022 rolls off the t-t-t-t-tongue better than 2021.

    We can improve upon 2021, but maybe not on 1922, a century ago (in case you hadn’t figured that out), when:

    The Lincoln Memorial was dedicated

    DeWitt and Lila Wallace published the first issue of Reader’s Digest.

    The first commercially successful feature-length documentary film premiered. (It’s unlikely you’ll guess what it was: “Nanook of the North.”). In 2022 Nanook would be wearing a bathing suit.

    Rebecca Latimer Felton of Georgia became the first female United States senator. (Don’t get all weepy and wonky about it. She served for one day!)

    Betty White was born.

    And best of all:

    Christian K. Nelson patented the Eskimo Pie ice cream bar.

    Ingenious Americans can beat all that in 2022, except the Eskimo Pie feat.

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