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One’s lifetime, it’s been well established, is made up of passages. Our journey begins in childhood, bounces around a bit in our teen years, explores our world and ourselves as young adults, matures in thought as parent and career builder, … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season Almost

It soon will be Christmas…again.  The annual wait for this most joyous, yet cantankerous of holidays, seems to shorten each year as my life lengthens.  Wasn’t it just last month we took down the decorations?   Christmas is famously the one holiday that … Continue reading

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I was reluctant to begin this posting with the overused line, “When I was a young boy…” but I am at a loss for what to say otherwise. See, today I got to thinking about some random things out of my … Continue reading

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I don’t know what got me started on this—well, actually I do.  It was YouTube, but hold that thought for a paragraph or two. I do a lot of looking back lately.  I suppose that is natural when you reach … Continue reading

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When it Brains, It Pours

When you get to be my age, you will have accumulated a huge stockpile of memories along with endless databanks full of both useful and useless information.  You will not run out of storage space because the human brain holds … Continue reading

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The Big Move, on again!

Two months back, Rosemarie and I were in the process of packing up the house and preparing to sell it and move to a smaller place.  It’s a common exercise many of us our age go through when we realize … Continue reading

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***  A note to  my fellow indie-authors/publishers follows this post  *** As a parent your main mission is to raise your children so that they become caring and contributing people in society and the bonus you hope for is that … Continue reading

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Something is not right here.  This is the third posting in a row that involves the topics of growing old and death.  I sense a theme.  I don’t like themes necessarily, at least this kind of theme.  I prefer spontaneity, … Continue reading

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I have spent much of the past few days looking for some pictures. I know I put them away someplace safe; I just can’t remember where. These are pictures I’ve taken of some of my ancestors’ gravesites. When you get … Continue reading

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Cooking Light magazine, August 2016 I had one of those magic moments today. What’s that? It’s my arbitrary term for when you suddenly come across an almost inconsequential item from your past; one you totally forgot even existed and now, … Continue reading

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