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So there’s this wheelchair, the one that sits in the bedroom waiting to see if the paralysis I suffered after a fall and subsequent spinal surgery last May returns and forces me to give up my walker and take a … Continue reading

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  I came across another reason this week why you should avoid getting any older.  If I ranked them this latest reason would be top ten, definitely. The topic is life insurance, the consumer product everyone hates to buy, but is … Continue reading

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September is always a special month around these parts.  School is back in session and the school zones are active generating revenues for the county as the cops nab speedsters who had a moment’s lapse.  I’ve been lucky, my years … Continue reading

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Whenever I run into two people who are currently engaged or about to be, I have a tendency to butt in and offer some sage advice. I feel it is worthy information that I should share. And it’s good, solid … Continue reading

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I noticed lately that I must have arrived? “Arrived where?” you ask. Well, I’ve arrived at yet another demographic level. When you get to my age bracket all kinds of things begin to change. There’s a definite divide widening between … Continue reading

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The Pill

This being in my 70’s has got to stop—NO, WAIT!  That’s not what I mean.  I don’t want to stop-stop.  I just want all the accompanying negatives associated with being 70 to stop.  What are they? You name it: if … Continue reading

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This is always my grumpy time of year.  Now right away some of my close acquaintances are saying they’ve never noticed any change in my demeanor since I am grumpy all year round.  But that is not the case.  I … Continue reading

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