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My father lost a good friend he had worked with for many years.  They didn’t hang out much together outside of the workplace, but that did not lesson their friendship.  They worked all day together, went to lunch together every … Continue reading

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My Trip

My trip to Pennsylvania last week featured one of the heaviest late-March snow storms in the State’s history. Leave it to me, a totally converted Floridian, to wind up in a northern whiteout while it was probably in the high … Continue reading

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It was cold. How cold? It makes no matter how cold once it reaches a certain depth. You feel it in your bones. Your blood thickens to syrup and your cheek bones, never really felt before, now tingle with pin-like … Continue reading

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So there I was, sitting in my thinking chair on the back patio, thinking about some interesting things that have occurred on my way to senior citizenship.  Yeah, I know, I got older, but that’s not what I’m getting at.  … Continue reading

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Oh God, once again I was out back on the patio with a cup of decaf after dinner sitting in my thinking chair.  And what was I…well, here we go: In our society there seems to be no refuge from … Continue reading

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There is nothing more valuable in life than having friends. Sure, I wish for lots of money and all kinds of materials things like most everyone, but a good friend is priceless. I am a very lucky person.  I have … Continue reading

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