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In case any of you may have noticed, I have disappeared for many many weeks. I know this is very unusual for my blog to go dormant, so maybe even one of you might be curious as to why. Well, … Continue reading

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This is very unusual. I am genuinely afraid for the first time in my life.  I know it’s the first time because I have never experienced this kind of fear.    Oh, I distinctly remember being rolled into the OR when I … Continue reading

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The Sadness Among Us

Sadness creeps its way among us Like an ivy it clings and spreads We mourn once more, more than before. And with all that we know, we really don’t know. The politicians debate the issues but to no avail They … Continue reading

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That blog I wrote last week is sticking in my mind–the one about our being denied entrance to the port to see our cruise ship (January 8th).  I do believe we are living out Franklin Roosevelt’s famous warning, “The only … Continue reading

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