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The day has finally come.  I would have never believed it was possible. If you have visited ‘round these parts of the Internet at this time of the year you may have the slightest memory of the annual debate my … Continue reading

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The Holidays go Viral

This is a bizarre holiday season that is unlike any we have ever experienced.  The coronavirus presents a formidable Scrooge and we have no choice but to utter bah humbug in agreement.  Rosemarie and I, as the senior members of … Continue reading

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  So, here Rosemarie and I face off, each with a full fury of steam heading down the track at top speed destine for the big collision when our cow bars meet head-on.  Oh, cow bars?  Those are wedge-shaped grills … Continue reading

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TREE DOWN! …Oh the Arbormanity!

If a Christmas tree falls in a living room, does it make a sound?  The answer is YES…and it’s a horrible big one!  Our Christmas tree toppled over.  I have never had that happen before but there was a combination … Continue reading

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The Christmas tree is finally up, yep it’s all done. It’s a nice round fat one and it weighs a ton. I put on all the lights, making sure they’re all lit Then waited for the grandkids to come to decorate … Continue reading

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Okay, it is officially Christmas season at our household.  The outdoor decorations are up and working…at least for now.  This afternoon we went and bought the tree and it’s currently in the stand in the living room—standing on its own … Continue reading

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I’m sitting here while Christmas carols are streaming out of my computer speakers.  This gets me to thinking.  It’s true what they say—that Christmas is for children. It is magical and mystical in ways only children can think and feel.  … Continue reading

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The Christmas Lights…Bah! Humbug!

At Christmas time, my father usually assumed the Scrooge role.  He did not come right out and “bah humbug” everything, but he wasn’t exactly Mr. Holly Jolly either.  Back then, I did not understand why he exhibited this behavior each … Continue reading

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