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My father lost a good friend he had worked with for many years.  They didn’t hang out much together outside of the workplace, but that did not lesson their friendship.  They worked all day together, went to lunch together every … Continue reading

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STOPPPPPPP!  Good God, what ever happened to fair pricing.  Things are just plain out of control.  I know all about inflation, capitalism and the Great American Way  (Corporate Way). The goal is to make as big a buck as possible … Continue reading

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The Pipes Are Calling

One of the more difficult problems I have nowadays is giving up a lot of the household maintenance jobs I used to do myself.  Given my new physical limitations there are a lot of jobs I can’t do any more … Continue reading

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Thank you Bill The Dog

I’ve put off writing this particular posting.  The topic is not a happy one.  In fact, I’ll make the assumption that many of you have gone through the same experience.  And that is, having to put down your pet dog … Continue reading

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As the infamous Mark Twain line goes…reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. In fact, considering my last posting on this blog was February 8th, I have to admit I am a bit disappointed that no one took a moment … Continue reading

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I have become aware of a unique “reactionary” behavior that people have started exhibiting toward me. It is the kind of behavior that indicates I have become either very wealthy…or elderly.   It is not difficult to guess which. In fact, with … Continue reading

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Today is May 12th. It’s not a particularly outstanding date on the calendar. I looked it up and, of course, there were some historical events that took place on this day. Here are some of the highlights: Race car driver … Continue reading

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The topic is nakedness. Yes, I know, it is sort of off the beaten path, not the norm, socially sensitive and downright gutsy to discuss. Well discuss it I will, despite it may prove embarrassing to both of us. BTW, … Continue reading

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It has begun. I’m told the process can enter and take over almost overnight…or, it will take its time, slowly eroding away every functioning component of your brain.   The topic: dementia. I chose it because it has moved up in … Continue reading

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I noticed lately that I must have arrived? “Arrived where?” you ask. Well, I’ve arrived at yet another demographic level. When you get to my age bracket all kinds of things begin to change. There’s a definite divide widening between … Continue reading

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