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In case any of you may have noticed, I have disappeared for many many weeks. I know this is very unusual for my blog to go dormant, so maybe even one of you might be curious as to why. Well, … Continue reading

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Today I drove for about half an hour with Rosemarie over in the passenger seat. Now, that may not sound unusual, especially because it was the norm for some 45 years or so…but not no more.  The most I drive … Continue reading

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The Bimp on my Nose

This morning, without warning, I received a bimp on my nose. “Oh no, not again!” is what my wife will say, I suppose. I was having trouble sleeping so I decided I’d do some cleaning. The bathroom was my mission; … Continue reading

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My wife and I have been recycled back to the time when we first got married and began raising a family.  Back then we did not make a lot of money so we were always very frugal and constantly making … Continue reading

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My God, I’m convinced I must have been a murderer in a previous life.  Here I am only paragraphs into writing my new novel and already I am plotting someone’s death.  I wouldn’t be so alarmed if I hadn’t already … Continue reading

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