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Given Paws…again

They’re baaaack!  The animals, that is.  I have managed to keep our household pet-free for almost a year, but it was inevitable that some kind of four-legged creature(s) would find its way past me…out-voted again.  Since Bill the Dog died … Continue reading

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Spring, in case you didn’t notice, arrived a few weeks back on March 20th.  Here in Southwest Florida it is difficult to detect spring and fall. Both seasons slip seamlessly in and out each year without providing any real “ah” … Continue reading

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Just a quick note about Henri..see my posting for October 7. After a month-plus of our new parakeet (Henri) getting used to Rosemarie and me sticking our faces up to the side of his “house” and attempting to communicate simple … Continue reading

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Thank you Bill The Dog

I’ve put off writing this particular posting.  The topic is not a happy one.  In fact, I’ll make the assumption that many of you have gone through the same experience.  And that is, having to put down your pet dog … Continue reading

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Since we moved last January, Rosemarie’s interest in birds has taken flight, pun intended.  There is a bountiful supply of her feathered friends to watch because our new home backs up on a reserve.  This is an area of land … Continue reading

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I have discussed Toni the Cat several times before. Toni’s been living in our house for a good number of years now. She’s actually Haley’s cat. Haley is one of our granddaughters. She came to live with us at the … Continue reading

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Something happened the other night that I will share with you here.  It’s certainly nothing earth-shattering, but I found it both curious and fascinating.  In other words, it was a hoot! I am sure that at several times in your … Continue reading

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Well, we did it.  We finally did it.  After several years of putting up with stained, torn, dilapidated furniture, we went absolutely wild. Last week we replaced the 22-year-old sofa and love seat in the living room.  Today we bought … Continue reading

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