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One’s lifetime, it’s been well established, is made up of passages. Our journey begins in childhood, bounces around a bit in our teen years, explores our world and ourselves as young adults, matures in thought as parent and career builder, … Continue reading

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OK, it’s over. The decorations have changed from objects of joy and anticipation to dangling dust collectors that will consume a good few hours to take down, pack away and store for another year.  The good presents have lost their … Continue reading

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I can’t drive anymore.  This is a good thing—for you, but not me!  I sure miss it, especially this time of the year when one needs to make those frenzied pilgrimages to the shopping mall.  But ahh, we live in … Continue reading

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Have you ever spent some time watching the Hallmark Channel?  It is the most syrupy, sickening sweet, wholesome, tear-jerky pile of goo I’ve ever seen…and I can’t get enough of it. Now, I cannot explain this new addiction.  It may … Continue reading

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‘Tis The Season Almost

It soon will be Christmas…again.  The annual wait for this most joyous, yet cantankerous of holidays, seems to shorten each year as my life lengthens.  Wasn’t it just last month we took down the decorations?   Christmas is famously the one holiday that … Continue reading

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Note: This piece was originally posted on my blog back in December, 2018. Lately I have spent a lot of time and some of the space here thinking about family and friends and the role they have played in my … Continue reading

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My father lost a good friend he had worked with for many years.  They didn’t hang out much together outside of the workplace, but that did not lesson their friendship.  They worked all day together, went to lunch together every … Continue reading

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RANDOM THOUGHTS FROM MY THINKING CHAIR…ABOUT SPORTS It has been a while since I have lazy’d up and spent time in my thinking chair on the back patio. Sports was the topic that came to mind this time. As I … Continue reading

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I was reluctant to begin this posting with the overused line, “When I was a young boy…” but I am at a loss for what to say otherwise. See, today I got to thinking about some random things out of my … Continue reading

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Recently, I’ve  gone back over some of the books I’ve written in an attempt to fix some little things that have bothered me about each. It may be a typo or misspelling that somehow got past the proof reader (that … Continue reading

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