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Thanksgiving is over and everyone has gone home. We did the dishes, polished the counters and the chrome. Everything is back to normal; the food explosion has settled. I returned to the gym and 12 miles on the bike I … Continue reading

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Here’s another one of my Thanksgiving tributes from years past. This one appeared on my blog in 2013. Now remember, I never promise great poetry, but I do commit to making good rhymes! Thanksgiving is the one American holiday that … Continue reading

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REFLECTIONS – Family Culture

This is the third in a series of “reflective” postings I hope to be making for some time to come. These are random memories I have of things and people that have left an impression on me, regardless of significance. … Continue reading

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In many of my older postings I used to make reference to my “thinking chair.”  It wasn’t really any kind of extraordinary chair and it certainly didn’t have any special or magical thought process (that was me) embedded within its … Continue reading

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I stopped procrastinating the other day and finally got around to cleaning up my work area.  This includes my desk, its top and its drawers.  Mind you, I am a pretty compulsive neatnick, at least that’s my default setting.  But … Continue reading

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The subject is clothing and surprisingly how little time and money I spend on it these days—another victim of the aging process.  I realized the other day that I do not have any formal clothes that fit me.  This is … Continue reading

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One’s lifetime, it’s been well established, is made up of passages. Our journey begins in childhood, bounces around a bit in our teen years, explores our world and ourselves as young adults, matures in thought as parent and career builder, … Continue reading

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My father lost a good friend he had worked with for many years.  They didn’t hang out much together outside of the workplace, but that did not lesson their friendship.  They worked all day together, went to lunch together every … Continue reading

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I once smoked when I was younger, back when it was cool and no one worried about what all those polluted puffs were doing to your lungs. It took me quite a few attempts to give it up but I … Continue reading

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