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Here’s another one of my Thanksgiving tributes from years past. This one appeared on my blog in 2013. Now remember, I never promise great poetry, but I do commit to making good rhymes! Thanksgiving is the one American holiday that … Continue reading

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Married Married

When I am asked if I am married I usually respond by saying, “Yes, I am married married.” I say it twice because it’s my way of stressing how long. “Exactly how long?” you ask. Well it just so happens … Continue reading

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Once you live on the Florida coast for a few years you could find yourself taking some of nature’s best offerings for granted.  Well, not really.  You’d have to be pretty much an insensitive stone to ignore how unique and … Continue reading

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At the moment, I am once more poking around my family tree in my on-again/off-again attempt to chronicle my family.  I am lucky to have a nice collection of photos some of which I’ll share here.  I’ve posted some of … Continue reading

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Note: This piece was originally posted on my blog back in December, 2018. Lately I have spent a lot of time and some of the space here thinking about family and friends and the role they have played in my … Continue reading

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I was reluctant to begin this posting with the overused line, “When I was a young boy…” but I am at a loss for what to say otherwise. See, today I got to thinking about some random things out of my … Continue reading

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Recently, I’ve  gone back over some of the books I’ve written in an attempt to fix some little things that have bothered me about each. It may be a typo or misspelling that somehow got past the proof reader (that … Continue reading

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Originally Posted on May 27, 2017  by Marc Kuhn Many Americans routinely spend their three-day holiday weekends with family, sometimes traveling or just gathering for a special meal or picnic. Many others go shopping because retailers looovvvvveee  to run sales during … Continue reading

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When it Brains, It Pours

When you get to be my age, you will have accumulated a huge stockpile of memories along with endless databanks full of both useful and useless information.  You will not run out of storage space because the human brain holds … Continue reading

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The Pope’s Stone, Retooled

Finally! I get to check off one of the older items on my To-Do List! Eight years ago I published my first attempt at writing an adult novel. It was titled THE POPE’S STONE and while any writer’s first novel … Continue reading

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