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Forgive me. I’ve done it again.  I didn’t click on the “Skip Ad” button.  Instead, I let some guy in green scrubs convince me he is a doctor who has devoted his life to discovering why traditional dieting methods do … Continue reading

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There they were, positioned on the prestigious eye-level shelf in the freezer right next to the fresh seafood counter.  I see them there every week when I’m at the supermarket and every week I think about putting a box in … Continue reading

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My recent spinal surgery played a dirty trick on me despite the great success it was as far as relieving me of a lot of pain.  It did not, however,  relieve me of some of the excessive pounds I’ve been … Continue reading

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  Rosemarie and I have some very specific divisions of labor that have evolved over the many years she and I have been co-everythingers.  One such divide is the ongong task of grocery shopping.   She hates going to the supermarket.  … Continue reading

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Plentiful Pineapples

I like pineapples. I kind of wish I liked them more.  This year we’re having a bumper crop.  I check google to determine the origin of “bumper crop” and beyond an early mention of a “bumper” being a glass of wine … Continue reading

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Everything’s Just Ducky Around Here

Maybe in your neighborhood you have to worry about fast drivers, kids playing in the streets, potholes that eat tires and keep wheel alignments shops busy.  Yeah, I remember all those things when I lived in the northeast USA, but … Continue reading

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DARE I SAY IT? …Ice Cream

I was thinking about ice cream the other day….well actually, I think about ice cream just about every day. I realize that may sound a little weird, but those who know me know that ice cream is my favorite food. … Continue reading

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One thing about me is that I never fear a challenge unless it involves live animals that have a tendency to bite…hard.   This has worked both ways for me. Sometimes I do okay, even surprise myself with my accomplishments. Other … Continue reading

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  There are so many things day to day that I take for granted. It amazes me how my thinking can be so distorted and slanted. Notice I said “things” so at least there’s no offense taken I don’t have … Continue reading

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I hate it when the product out of the box appears noting like—like totally NOTHING like—its picture on the box. Hold that thought…there’s a little background filler I need to discuss. I abandoned my ambitions to run for president several years … Continue reading

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