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I admit it, I have been neglecting my blog lately.  There was a time when I would update my postings almost daily.  Don’t ask me how I had so much to talk about because the answer is, I did, but … Continue reading

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I have been away for over ten days. This trip was particularly challenging because of something I noticed shortly before I left. It would worry me endlessly even though my son was home to keep an eye on it. What … Continue reading

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My Trip

My trip to Pennsylvania last week featured one of the heaviest late-March snow storms in the State’s history. Leave it to me, a totally converted Floridian, to wind up in a northern whiteout while it was probably in the high … Continue reading

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A Puzzlement!

This has been a particularly unusual time in our household. Something very very very unusual has occurred. I don’t know why. I don’t know how. I have no explanation. If I were of certain religious persuasion I might declare that … Continue reading

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It was cold. How cold? It makes no matter how cold once it reaches a certain depth. You feel it in your bones. Your blood thickens to syrup and your cheek bones, never really felt before, now tingle with pin-like … Continue reading

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Would you believe there was the slightest “nip” in the air this morning? Wow, it’s definitely fall!   It’s not always easy to tell here in South Florida. The seasonal changes are subtle and this has a tremendous effect on your … Continue reading

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If you think last month’s Hurricane Irma is long gone, think again.  I’ve lived in South Florida long enough to have survived several hurricanes.  One thing about the region’s mindset following a big storm is to hurry up and get … Continue reading

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  I have some catching up to do following my 9-day wifi outage. One topic that seemed to generate some interest is The Worry Tree. Not to worry, here’s the story… While sitting at my desk a few weeks before … Continue reading

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Whether or not you’ve noticed, I have been “away” for almost two weeks. Yep—disappeared, gone, adios, c-yuh.   The only semblance of “being” that I sustained through my hiatus was that of a frustrated, abandoned AT&T customer. I did not realize … Continue reading

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Well, we have had worse hurricanes hit us. I consider we dodged a bullet…a pretty substantial one. The worst things Irma did were to steal our power for one evening and drop a lot of limbs and trees in our … Continue reading

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