Hi, welcome to my blog.  You should try it.  No, not my blog–well, yes, pease read my blog–but YOU should try blogging if you haven’t already. It’s more fun than staring out the window; less stressful than rushhour on the interstate; and it’s good for your tude!  I write mostly for grins.  I get to talk about a lot of different things that I hope you can relate to as you read.  Oh, it’s true, one main motivation to writing this blog is to promote my books.  Yep, I’m the author  of three children’s books, three adult novels and one sort of novelty book for daters.  Break for commercial:  Marc’s books are available at amazon.com or barnesandnoble.com.   Click on the illustrations to the right and you can learn more and even hook up with a purchase.  This is where the jingle comes in:  “life is a lark if you read a book by Marc!” …or something like that.

Okay, back to the show.  You probably have days much like I used to have.  I am retired now, but there were many many years when I woke to an alarm clock and hustled off to work for somebody else and attempted to have some success at it–you know the drill.  Well, my drillin’ days are over and I miss them badly.  No I do not miss the crappy moments–we all have them:  a boss is a pain in the ass, or a big sale is lost or everything you touch turns to rust.  You’ve had those kinds of days, right?  That is one good thing about retirement–those days don’t come around anymore, at least the ones that are work-related.  But here is one major obstacle to really enjoying this “carefree” lifestyle I have and that’s…money.   I suppose you are like me–not rich, just making it the best you can?  Yeah, that’s the local economy in this household.  No paycheck coming in anymore.  That’s the the hardest thing to give up.   So here’s some sage advice:  if you are young, you need to start paying attention to things like 401Ks or other kinds of investments–NOW!  You will thank yourself for being so smart to think about it early enough to build a good stash that will help you when you retire.  Yes, it may seem a long way off, but it will be there a lot sooner than you think.

That’s enough about the “about” page.   The “about” for this here blogsite is simple:  it is meant to be fun!  It may get a little serious from time to time, but for the most part, it should be fun for me, and if I do it right, fun for you, too!  I hope you will visit often.  Please leave some feedback now and then.  BTW, if you really do want to know more about me, best you go to my website where nothing is held back!  You’ll find it at…   http://marckuhn.com

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  1. Work? As Maynard G. Crebbs (Gilligan before there was a Gilligan) would often wail to Mr. Gilis, is often to be avoided. But not today. It’s Saturday and what else do you have to do today? I have pushed, er, I mean, passed along the 777 Writer’s Challenge to you. See


    for the down low. Jump in.


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