I can’t drive anymore.  This is a good thing—for you, but not me!  I sure miss it, especially this time of the year when one needs to make those frenzied pilgrimages to the shopping mall.  But ahh, we live in the wonderful time of

There is hardly an item or service I can’t purchase and find on my doorstep even as soon as the next morning.  Consequently, Christmas shopping has become a breeze.  Think of it…no more wandering around in circles for what seems forever looking for an empty parking space; no more crowded aisles in the stores to squeeze through; no more fending off a bunch of snarly co-shoppers trying to grab that last XL shirt in blue; no more juggling all the bags and boxes you wind up lugging back to your car, the one you can’t remember exactly where you parked it; and, oh yeah, in the meantime, you are wondering how you’re going to retrieve the car key from your right front pocket.  Nope, all that stuff is history. All you do now is simply sit back with a nice mug of coffee and easily meander through all this chaos with a little arrow on a video monitor, selecting whatever it is you’re shopping for and then here a click, there a click.  It’s a freakin’ miracle!

Well, miracle or whatever it is, Christmas just ain’t the same anymore.  I cannot believe I’m saying this, but I miss all that Christmas shopping turmoil.  It was just one more thing added to shopping for the tree, decorating the house, taking the kids to see Santa Claus, wrapping presents, and figuring out how many months it’ll take to pay for it all.  Christmas shopping was a big part of the chaos and I sort of miss it.  Now, I do love love love my computers—desktop to laptop—but Christmas shopping on line seems…well, it just feels off!

One thing hasn’t changed, though, and those are my sincere wishes for you.  May you have family and friends, and lots of them, with whom to share the spirit of the holiday. Merry Christmas!


About Marc Kuhn

I am a retired radio exec. I've worked at major stations in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami. That was then. This is now: I've published seven books and this blog thingy. Need to know more? Really? Okay, I bare/bear all at The other links are for the websites of each of the books I've written. I've been busy! Hope you'll stop by and check them out. Thanks for your interest!
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