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One thing about Florida…it’s flat.  If you wish to tell your lover you will swim any ocean or climb any mountain, this is not the state in which to declare such devotion.  Yes, there is plenty of ocean, but nary … Continue reading

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Now that I am almost midway in my 70’s I realize once again my thinking has changed. This, I have found, is perfectly normal, just as I have changed my way of thinking through other stages of my life.  Circumstances … Continue reading

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On today’s posting, you shall go on a date.  Not to worry, you are not part of the date, just an obvserver standing off in the background.  This is an excerpt from my latest effort, titled AGAIN.  If you wish, … Continue reading

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Everything’s Just Ducky Around Here

Maybe in your neighborhood you have to worry about fast drivers, kids playing in the streets, potholes that eat tires and keep wheel alignments shops busy.  Yeah, I remember all those things when I lived in the northeast USA, but … Continue reading

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Well, there has been a hiccup in my blogging efforts this past week.  My blog’s host, WordPress, changed the entire procedure for publishing a post and I had absolutely no warning.  So the old dog/new tricks scenario came into play.  … Continue reading

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2 QUESTIONS…Correction: Only 1 Question!

Well, the BIG SINGLE question is: What the hell has WordPress done???? WordPress, for those of you who do know know it from mashed prunes, is the technical host of Marc’s Blog. It provides the space, the server and all … Continue reading

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