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Well, hello from the middle of the Caribbean Ocean.   I’m on the last day of a week’s cruise and while my thinking chair is back home, I did find a deck chair that temporarily served the purpose.  So I got … Continue reading

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Would you believe there was the slightest “nip” in the air this morning? Wow, it’s definitely fall!   It’s not always easy to tell here in South Florida. The seasonal changes are subtle and this has a tremendous effect on your … Continue reading

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 Foiled Again!  I missed a deadline…a heinous crime I rarely commit.  Albeit this was a self-imposed deadline so maybe I should cut myself some slack. The deadline?  Oh , it was the one I set for the publication of my … Continue reading

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As previously announced, I attended a conference this past weekend for independent authors…I being one of them. The conference focused on skills required to independently publish a book without the involvement of a professional, commercial publishing house. The conference did … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word has a list of options when you click on “File,” one of which is “New Blank Document.”   Since I have an “Old Blank Mind” I always find this selection to be appropriate. A blank document offers a blank … Continue reading

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