I don’t go to the movies very often and I am really not sure why. I enjoy a good movie, although I admit my taste is anything but mainstream. I’m not into anything scary. Too much suspense unnerves me. Violence is a total turnoff. Sophomoric humor is stupid and adventure stuff usually doesn’t keep me interested. There now, perhaps I have answered my own question. No wonder I don’t see many movies.

So what do I like? Well, there isn’t any one genre that I favor, but it seems it’s the characters and the story that hold me. In fact, if either is really good, I willingly tolerate some of those items I mentioned as not liking in the first paragraph. Then too, I don’t need a lot of fancy effects, earth-quake sound that vibrates my teeth or weird aliens. That said, there are two actors whose work I always seem to be drawn to. Both are very high-profile, both have a trail of award-winning films and both have the ability of doing something extraordinary. What’s that? They prove me pretty vulnerable. I can get totally lost in the character they are playing at the moment and I forget all about who the actor is and what other roles I’ve seen him or her play. They just convince me each time that they are actually the characters they are playing in the film I am watching…and only those characters.

So who are these two pen-ultimate actors so worthy of my humble praise? No surprise here because they are likely the favorites on many best-actor lists. They are Tom Hanks
Sallyand Sally Fields. I just watched the latter in a 2015 movie titled, “Hello, My Name is Doris.”   That’s the reason I started writing this posting for my blog even though I am not quite sure where it’s going.  But Sally did it again. Doris was Doris, not a character being played the familiar actor Sally Fields. Like every role she has ever played, from, yes, the Flying Nun, to Norma Rae to Nora Walker, Sally Fields becomes whoever and whatever the character is and represents.

hanksTom Hanks has this same ability. How can he go from Forest Gump to Captain Miller (Saving Private Ryan) to Chuck Nolan (Cast Away) and all the other people he has played while maintaining each role’s character and discarding any semblance to the actor himself is…well, it’s true art.

It’s almost curious that both Hanks and Fields have won 2 Oscars each. I suspect many of us would think more.  However, they both have a long, long list of other prestigious awards, not the least of which is Hanks’ Presidential Medal of Freedom.

pulitzerAs a humble, amateur writer I have always appreciated the artful skills of the truly accomplished. These are the people who motivate me, and many like me, to keep trying to improve our own skills. I often joke about someday winning a Pulitzer and something like a good performance in an otherwise obscure movie most people never heard of is enough to make me keep this keyboard close at hand. Thank you Sally Fields.  As per your now infamous Oscar acceptance speech...I really liked you!

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I am a retired radio exec. I've worked at major stations in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami. That was then. This is now: I've published seven books and this blog thingy. Need to know more? Really? Okay, I bare/bear all at http://marckuhn.com The other links are for the websites of each of the books I've written. I've been busy! Hope you'll stop by and check them out. Thanks for your interest!
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5 Responses to 0MOVIE MAGIC

  1. Marc Kuhn says:

    Howard…yep, remember all of that plus the Duncan Yoyo competitions they used to have. My brother and I once were dropped off at a Martin & Lewis movie and it was the first time we’d been at a threater where the movie just had continuous showings. We always knew it was time to leave when “the end” came on along with all the lights. Only this place just continued the movie so we thought it was a bonus and we got to watch it twice. Meanwhile, I didn’t pay much attention to the cops and this woman who looked sort of like my mom who were wondering the aisels like they were looking for someone. When my brother and I got tired of the movie running over and over we decided we’d go out front and wait for our folks…boy were we surprised when we got outside!


  2. Howard says:

    Looks like your movie likes and dislikes have matured, as have mine. I remember those early Saturday matinees. My mother would drop me at the movie theater at about 11AM, and I would howl at the mix of 8 or 10 Tom & Jerry, Woody Woodpecker and Warner Brothers cartoons that ran before the 2 Three Stooges short comedies, both of them always hysterically funny. Then there would be two full-length feature films, usually a suspense thriller and a serial western. During these I would be sitting with butterflies in my stomach, tense at the edge of my seat, directly above where my empty popcorn box was hidden. When the last feature ended, I would exit the theater where my mother would be waiting in her car at the curb. I think one of the worst things about growing up is losing the unbridled joy and thrills that those matinees brought. I sometimes wonder what it is about growing up that causes this loss? Do you? Let’s head to a matinee and find out.


  3. Roni says:

    Lol. Eric isn’t interested either. I always go with my girlfriend. If the movie doesn’t have
    gratuitice violence, count him out! Wonder Woman he liked. Thank you for your compliment and we will make our get together happen soon. 👍😊


  4. Marc Kuhn says:

    Yo Roni Komie…Well, if it were 1963 and I had the op of a movie date with Roni Sansweet I’d be there in a Philly minute (is that faster than a NY minute?), but you hit on two elements that, in 2017, make me honestly say I’d be impatient, maybe bored and definitely squirmy: (1) foreign language film with (2) sub-titles. Ugh! Just not me. There I said it and probaby better to be honest than avoid the issue. But I do appreciate the intent and I counter with my standing invite for you and Eric to meet Rosemarie and me for lunch sometime on Hollywood Beach. Somehow I can’t seem to make this happen, but that’s okay…if it is meant to be it will eventually occur. Thanks Roni, I do sincerely appreciate your interest and support.


  5. Roni says:

    Hi Marc
    I agree with your choice of great actors. Have you ever heard of FIU’s
    OSHA program? Classes for senior citizens. There’s a great teacher
    Shelly Isaacs, who does foreign film classes. Usually 6 a semester.
    He usually has a running theme i.e. Movies about India, women, etc.
    Of course they are subtitles. What I love is he researches each movie and gives us an introduction to it before we watch it. Then we discuss it afterwards. Let me know
    If you’re interested in more information. If you give me your email, I can forward you the next one.


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