This is the final posting for our trip and it features pictures from the place we’ve called home for the past 13 days since we departed Barcelona and made our way across the mighty Atlantic. Celebrity Cruise Line’s Equinox is typical of many of the ships you’ll find cruising the oceans blue for all the major cruise hallwaylines.  It was launched in 2009.  Using a common sports analogy, the best way to describe the expanse of the Equinox is to explain that the ship measures wider than a football field and longer than three and a half of them.  For an inside measure, the picture to the right illustrates one of two dog-legged corridors we regularly walked from the rear of the ship to the bow where our cabin was. It was great exercise. The Equinox holds 2850 people and everything it takes to keep them alive, keep them active and keep them happy for at least seven days.

Having been on a few cruises, I have learned that sunup is the best time for taking pictures of the outside of the ship.  Few people are up and about at this time so things like deck chairs are all neatly aligned and the walking track has been recently hosed down.  On the Equinox, the lawn on deck 15 has been freshly mowed and ready for the day’s bacci ball games and golf putters.

I have tried to include a good number of pictures here for those who haven’t had the experience of cruising.  If you have never been on a cruise ship there’s a long list of elements that are common to most. Here are the more popular ones:

  • Swimming pools
  • Whirlpools
  • A main dining area featuring an endless buffet
  • Specialty Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Casino
  • Stores featuring high-end and some high-end-appearing goods, including lots of jewelry and watches
  • Gym, saunas and spa
  • Recreational facilities
  • Theatre with nightly shows featuring up-and-coming singers, dancers, magicians, etc
  • And a bunch of other items, not to mention a variety of cabins to choose from.
  • And, oh yeah, a bunch of life boats in the event things don’t go as planned.

It’s the interior sights around the ship that will drop your jaw, leave a lasting impression and otherwise make you question how it all stays afloat.  The showcase for the Equinox is not the usual grand stairway, but the 13-deck vertical “corridor” in which eight glass-walled elevators are in constant motion.

The elevators (above) run constantly between decks 2 and 15 in a towering cavern with stops at the library, the pool, casino, shops and more.  It’s an impressive site considering the ship alone mounts up to 122,000 tons plowing through white-capped seas of the Atlantic Ocean with nary a wiggle.

Below, Michael Kors and other high-ender retailers line decks 4 and 5.  That’s Rosemarie dumping her lunch money into the slots.  There are two pictures of our cabin…not the smallest and not the largest, but it’s functional and comfortable, and it has a balcony! And finally, a shot of the rather massive theatre.


Last, but most emphatically not least, eating is the primary activity on a ship.  Trust me, you will be overwhelmed with food and when you return home you will go through dietary withdrawal.  There are several more formal places to eat while onboard, but it’s here at the buffet on Deck 14 where most passengers gather three times a day.

Cruising isn’t for everyone, but I recommend that you should consider making at least one go at it.  Take a short trip just for a looksee.  And don’t forget, get up early one morning for sunrise, hopefully off the aft end of the ship.



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