Congratulations to everyone who stopped by–even just once–over the past 3+ years and spent time here on marc’s blog.  A special thanks, of course, to those who decided their visit was worthwhile and they left a “like ” and maybe even signed on as a follower.  I appreciate your support and I hope we all have enough stamina in us to keep this thing going even though I sometimes wonder just that–where is this thing going?

One thing I do know and that’s where it’s been.  The blog has covered a lot of topics and had much to say, sometimes actually coherently, sometimes not.  I’ve looked back and there are a few sentences–even some whole paragraphs–that actually aren’t bad.  They were either written well or had something substantive to say.  There have been a few tugs at the heart and some grins, a number of which blossomed into laughs.

To celebrate the accomplishment of 400 postings–and, indeed, even I admit it is a bit of an accomplishment–I have selected some excerpts from postings gone by.  I have a sentence or two here and there, and even a whole posting to boot.  I will be reblogging  these selections over the next few days.  I hope you enjoy the look back…and even more so, the postings that lie yet ahead.  Again, thanks so much for your support!


Some rhyming thoughts about texting and cell phones:

Being in a room full of people in whose hands is a cellular phone,

Is like being on a deserted island where you’ve been left all alone.

You’ll be totally ignored unless you join their sacred ritual

Of learning to talk with your fingers until it becomes habitual.

As for me, their incessant pecking puts my brain in terminal slumber

For when I need to communicate with someone…I simply dial their number!


On Child Abuse

I remember my mom being so angry with my brother and me that she took a full swipe at us with a soup ladle she happened to be armed with at the moment.  My brother took the brunt of it and I just picked up the tail end of its whizzing by my cheekbone.  I know we must have hit her tipping point with whatever it was we did.  But truth be told, I’d pay a million bucks to relive that moment just to have the chance to see her again. That kind of physical reprimand seemed to work in my childhood days when one of us kids went too far.  And guess what? …we got over it and still loved our parents


On Dieting:

I have decided that dieting is like a good marriage gone bad. …One begins a diet with utmost optimism, hope and energy, not to mention solid commitment.  At first, one sticks to the diet like gorilla glue.  The initial stages of marriage are similar.  At first you stick to your spouse like gorilla glue.  When you are not forced to be separated by work you spend every moment spouse-side.  You do everything together and follow the menu happily, especially dessert once you learn the 50 shades of jello.


On Talent:

It’s no secret, I’ve posted it several times on this blog that I am a big fan of Taylor Swift.  I am totally out of range of her demographic target, supposedly out of sync with her music and basically disconnected from her culture.  But, But, But…this makes the point that talent is talent is talent and it stands on its own.  You don’t have to like the art of surrealist Salvador Dali but you have to admit he sure can draw a great drooling pocket watch.


On Spitting and Baseball:

Given that baseball is such a statistics-occupied sport, I am surprised no one has kept stats on which players spit the most, the farthest, or produce the most volume.   That’s the kind of stuff they could add to the back of baseball cards. Can you imagine little leaguers going through their decks of cards…“Wow! Did you see Johnson’s ERA? says Tommy to his friend Peter.  “That’s nothing,” responds Peter, “Take a look at McClosky’s SD (spitting distance).  Now that’s a baseball player!”


On guns, Georgia and Slavery:

This morning I read that the city of Nelson in Georgia—no, not the country, but a real state among the real United ones here in the USA—actually passed a law making it mandatory that every citizen own a gun and have ammunition. Excuse me while I write that down again. A town in the state of Georgia has passed a law making it mandatory that every one of its citizens must own a gun and ammunition. The city council says it wanted to make a statement about the right citizens have to own guns.

Georgia was a predominant state that seceded from the United States back in the 1860’s because its citizens thought there was nothing wrong with capturing Africans like wild animals, putting them in chains, shipping them over here jammed body-to-body in infested slave ships, then selling them to the fine folk of the magnificent South where they would enjoy picking cotton and being abused for the rest of their lives. Yeah, that Georgia. Trouble is, lots of folks who live there today still feel that way.


On the Concept of Sharing:

In sum, my theory on sharing is simple:  kids are more likely to share; adults not.  I think it makes sense overall.  As we get older we begin to realize that it takes effort to accumulate things we value.  Hence, we are a bit more reluctant to want to share those things.

So, as I sat in my thinking chair observing my grandkids grappling with learning how to get along, coupled with my having just watched the evening news…here is how I see my theory on sharing unfolding as we become adults:

  • We begin thinking, “I worked hard for that money; I just don’t want to share it with you who did nothing to earn it.”  Or, to take it a step further:
  • “This is our land because our ancestors were here first and worked the land for generations.  You can’t simply come in here and stake your claim to it.  We don’t want to share it.”  Or how about:
  • “I believe my way of doing things is a lot better than your way and I am not willing to be forced into having to share things your way.”  And finally:
  • “If you don’t want to share, then I will kill you and take what I want.”

See how the concept of sharing evolves.  Imagine, we unlearn everything they taught us in kindergarten.


On Why the Thermostat Controls More than Temperature

Few people know how to work a thermostat. They usually jerk it way up or way down depending how cold or hot they are. They do not approach setting the thermostat in the increment of individual degrees—one at a time.  Going to the extreme in either direction will eventually lead to a subsequent readjustment because when the extreme is met it is either too cold or too hot. ‘Tis best to take things one degree at a time until they have reached a permanently comfortable state for most everyone. The concept goes well beyond the thermostat on the wall.

On Terrorism:

I do believe we are living out Franklin Roosevelt’s famous warning, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Tuesday’s shooting in a Roswell, New Mexico school simply reinforces my thinking.  A student there brought a shotgun to school, hidden in a musical instrument case, and shot two of his classmates…Times have changed.  When I was a kid, parents and their children never, ever thought about the possibility of being shot in school.  In fact, the only place we ever saw security was the guard standing inside a bank.

Even more frightening is that the situation will only grow worse as the lunatics take over more and more of the places we go.  Add to that, the increase in gun ownership is downright scary—at least to me, since I don’t believe that everyone who owns a gun knows how to use it, or may use it when he/she gets pissed off.

It is, indeed, a sad day in America, Land of the Free.  We are no longer as free as we once were…now we do fear.


On Control:

Manage well that which you control. If you don’t control it, give it up because you have no influence in changing it.

This is not my original advice. It’s been around for a long time. It was the favorite saying of a boss I used to have and over the years I have learned how accurate it is. There is a natural tendency for us, especially parents, to take charge, handle, guide or otherwise manipulate our environment and those who reside in it. Beyond the basics of safety and wellbeing, give it up.

…more from the past on my next posting.



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