Uh-oh, I’m in the political arena again.  How did this happen?  Well, it happened because I read a story in the newspaper that illustrates how screwy our political system can get.  It is incredible to me why a “mechanism” like the one I’m about to discuss can work its way into Congressional procedure and become perfectly legal.  Okay, here’s the story as briefly as I can present it.

Roberta Jacobson, a reportedly superb career diplomat who has served both Democrats and Republicans, was nominated by the President six months ago to fill the vacant position of Ambassador to Mexico.

  • Jacobson has years of experience in Latin American affairs and has broad bipartisan support in Congress (she was approved by the Republican-led Senate Foreign Relations Committee who recommended her nomination be approved the by the full Senate)
  • The position of U.S. Ambassador to Mexico is not a job for a slacker. Mexico is our third largest trade partner. The country is the permanent residence of about one million U.S. citizens and another 1.5 million visit Mexico daily.  Plus, we share a 2000-mile troubled border with Mexico.
  • Mexico is very favorable to Ms. Jacobson’s nomination.
  • Jacobson, while patiently waiting to be approved by the Senate, has earned her keep by helping negotiate the current, new relationship with Cuba. Ah-hah!  Aye, there’s the rub.
  • There is one Senator from my home State who is really really really pissed off by this new openness with Cuba’s Communist dictatorship. This one Senator also happens to be one of the Republican candidates running for President.  He is Florida Senator Marco Rubio.
  • Did you know that one Senator has the power to put a hold on the entire approval process in Congress?  There are several more nominations being similarly held up, but none as important to American commerce as the Mexican Ambassadorship.
  • 19 Latino members of Congress have formally pleaded with Rubio to drop his opposition to Ms. Jacobson. Her pending role as Ambassador to Mexico supercedes any role she played in the Cuban situation.  Rubio refuses.

My point is, regardless of whether or not you side with Senator Rubio’s position on the new Cuban initiative, why in hell should one individual Senator have the power to block an entire vote on a nomination, especially one that appears to be overwhelmingly supported by everyone else.  This is how our government has been functioning lately…or should I say NOT functioning.

When you even scrape just the surface of the basic principals upon which our nation was founded, it is hard to believe that this country has a branch of the government that is permitted to function on behalf of the person, by the person and for the person.


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  1. Marc Kuhn says:

    Almost Iowa: What goes into sausage may not be politically correct, but the after-taste is a lot more forgiving.


  2. Almost Iowa says:

    They say there are two things a person should never see being made: sausage and laws.


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