Hi! I’m back. I know, most of you don’t even know I left. I took a time-out to do a lot of things. For those who regularly check in on marc’s blog I offer up one of my periodic Updates. You will say, “I really don’t care” and others who are not among the in-crown will say, “I totally really don’t care.” And I say, “whatever!”


So, we went to Philadelphia but only fast enough to hook up with good old friends and drive to a place they have on the Jersey shore.  We spent most of the time there. We bought some salt water taffy and if you want a piece you will have to stop by now that we are back in South Florida. BTW, up in New Jersey one goes to the “shore” while down here one goes to the “beach.” It’s the same ocean but one place has a shore and the other a beach.

This trip was part work and part play. We took Rosemarie’s jewelry show on the road. At the shore (beach) we were vendors at a major summer crafts fair at which we displayed and sold a bunch of Rosemarie’s handiwork. I’ll be back in a moment, but first this important message:

If you could not attend the crafts fair, you can still be the proud owner of an exquisite handmade piece of fine jewelry by Rosemarie.  Simply go to www.etsy.com and in the search box enter “jewelrybyrosemarie” …now back to our blog.

Welcome back, where was I? Oh, the trip to the shore. We went out to eat a lot and we stopped off at this special market and got us some Jersey tomatoes. These are unlike any tomatoes you’ve ever had. Some are the size of grapefruits and they all have an incredible taste. Must be the water or the Jersey dirt…not sure which. I also had a few soft-pretzels that I bought at the Philly airport…another item you will find almost exclusive to Philadelphia.


On Monday one of the good old friends and I went to the main branch of the Philadelphia Library where we gathered some research materials for the book I am working on. Now that I have everything I need, I will be able to complete this monster in the next few weeks.  It is not a monster in size, merely in attitude. Then I will put it away for a couple of weeks and let it “marinate” by itself before I take it out for a review/rewrite. I have the end finally figured out. It won’t quite be a “holy crap” ending, maybe just a “holy cow” ending, but it will be unique and maybe earn a few “that’s cool’s!”


Meanwhile, I wanted to share the “mock” version of a second book I’m working on with some young people and my niece’s kids qualified. We saw them over the weekend.  The book is targeted to daters mostly. It passed their inspection, but the amazing thing is that one of my niece’s daughters is an artist and she wants to illustrate the book. I did not know she drew. This is going to be great if it works out because I did not expect to illustrate the book and it will be so much better now. Breaking news: this book is titled What I Should’ve Said! It’s a collection of whimsical and mostly insulting retorts you wished you had been quick enough to think of when someone last verbally attacked you…especially a significant other you’re ready to make insignificant.


Okay, on to baseball. I am still watching the Cubs games…I can’t believe it.   They are on a terror winning streak right now. However, every game is within one or two runs of losing and each has gotten tense in the final innings. They are a winning entity but certainly not a team of annihilators. It has been an interesting experiment testing whether or not I, of little patience, would have the fortitude to stick it out as a season-long fan of a single sports team…in this case the Chicago Cubs. I have done pretty well, missing only about ¼ of the broadcasts. For me this is amazing…but I have not become a fanatic and I am not sure I will do this again. But for the rest of this baseball season, I’ll be there for my Cubbies.

Enough! This has gone beyond reasonable and if you are still reading that is both amazing and really appreciated. I won’t bother to extend this further and tell you about the bottle of crushed cherry peppers that exploded inside our suitcase while being tossed about by the airport luggage mis-handlers. A total mess discovered when we arrived back home and began unpacking.

Welcome back everyone…nice to see you!


About Marc Kuhn

I am a retired radio exec. I've worked at major stations in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami. That was then. This is now: I've published seven books and this blog thingy. Need to know more? Really? Okay, I bare/bear all at http://marckuhn.com The other links are for the websites of each of the books I've written. I've been busy! Hope you'll stop by and check them out. Thanks for your interest!
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