TREE DOWN! …Oh the Arbormanity!


If a Christmas tree falls in a living room, does it make a sound?  The answer is YES…and it’s a horrible big one!  Our Christmas tree toppled over.  I have never had that happen before but there was a combination of occurrences that caused the perfect topple.  And no, no one yelled “timmmmber!”

We were out of town for two days.  When we returned I went to check on the water level in the Christmas tree stand.  There wasn’t much water so the tree had obviously been very thirsty.  That’s occurrence #1.

I have two Christmas tree stands.  A super large one and a medium-sized one.  The screw rods on the medium stand are a lot easier to deal with and have better “bite” into the trunk of the tree.  That is why I decided to use the medium stand even though I did think that the super stand would be more stable for the size tree we had gotten.  But I figured the medium stand would do the job, plus, as I said, it was easier to deal with.  That’s occurrence #2.

After we got the tree all snug and straight in the medium stand, I did notice that it was a little tipsy in one direction.  I thought filling the stand with water would weigh it down, plus I put an eight pound dumbbell on the back side of the stand just as an added precaution to weigh it down a little more.  That’s occurrence #3

This morning, in order to check the water level in the stand, I have to remove the dumbbell (the one on the tree stand, not me).  So I put it aside on the floor when I checked the water level. After realizing the tree was practically out of water, I went to the kitchen to fetch some.  I didn’t put the dumbbell back on the stand; I left it on the floor.  That’s occurrence #4

So now I’m in the kitchen filling up a pitcher with water to pour into the tree stand.  While I’m doing that, there is this horrendous crashing sound coming from the living room accompanied by all kinds of pops and glass-breaking sorts of sounds.  I run into the living room.  There’s the tree, lying totally on its side along with a gazillion pieces of broken Christmas tree ornaments all over the place, some as far away as Italy.  It is a total arboriffic C A T A S T R O P H Y !

FallenTreeAll kinds of angst went through my mind and body as I began cleaning up the mess.  It was overwhelming.  There were shards of Christmas tree ornaments everywhere, some of them from ornaments that date back as far as my mother’s childhood trees.  It was heartbreaking to sweep them up and throw them in the trash.  I leaned the tree up against the bookcase (right) and waited for my son to come over and the two of us were able to transfer the tree from the medium stand to the super stand.  Then, to add insult to injury I had to straighten out all the lights–that was the biggest insult!  You know how I hate putting lights on the tree…and to have to do it twice!

As usual, all this got me to thinking:  if you are the superstitious type, was the tree falling some kind of omen?   Good one?  Bad one?  I have to admit I thought about it…but not for long.  I had to rush out and buy a ton of new ornaments so we could quickly put Christmas back together again.  In fact, I think I we did a pretty good job–just take a look….





XmasGift copy

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