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As promised on my previous posting, there would be more pictures from my visit to the Reading Terminal Market in downtown Philadelphia.  If you just got here, you may want to review the posting before this one to learn more about the market.  Today’s effort is simply to convince you, via photographs, what a delicious—literally—treat the Reading Terminal Market is.  Reminder:  the pictures enlarge when you click on them.  Okay, hope you came hungry….

IMG_3568 (2)

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Being the ice cream fanatic that I am, I must advise you that if you eat nothing else at the Reading Terminal Market, you cannot leave without sampling some Bassett’s Ice Cream (above).   This is my all-time favorite ice cream…the French Vanilla is especially worth a lick!

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IMG_3608 (2)

IMG_3572 (2)

IMG_3573 (2)

IMG_3563 (2)

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Of course, along with all the great food are the friendly people behind the counters who serve it.  And, if you choose to grab a seat at a nearby table and eat there, you can expect to be entertained by local amateur musicians.  Every note they play may not be quite right, but that’s what makes the Reading Terminal Market all the more enchanting.

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IMG_3570 (2)

So, if you have the opporutunity to visit Philadelphia, of course you must visit all the historical landmarks such as Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell exhibit…but make sure you leave time, and a hungry stomach, for The Reading Terminal Market!


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  1. rcarmean says:

    Did you see Homer Simpson buying donuts? No? Then it must have been me. Plus, a reminder of Bassett’s ice cream –I’m drooling. And shrimp, which is, to me, what steak is to many folks. (Sigh) Oh, well, back to reality: cereal for breakfast. Thanks for 2 great trips down memory lane for my taste buds.


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