Here’s another “manuscript” I have sitting in my files.  This is for a children’s picture book.  If you have any youngsters hanging around, you might see if they like it…and if they do, let me know!


If I could swim a mile …there on my face you’d see a smile.

If I could run the fastest lap around the track…there’d be no medal that I would lack.

If I could lift the heaviest weight…that would make me feel just great.

If I could jump the highest height…you’d never see me; I’d be out of sight.

If I could strike out every batter who came to the plate…I’d be the best pitcher; there’d be no debate.

If I could hit the bullseye with every arrow…my aim would be super straight and narrow.

If I could bowl a strike down every alley…a perfect score I’d always tally.

If I could make a basket with every ball…it wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t tall.

If I could catch the biggest fish…there’d be little more for me to wish.

If I could always sink a hole in one…playing golf would be so much fun.

If I could spell every word perfectly…I’d easily win every spelling bee.

But of all the things that I could do and I could be,

There would be only one that would mean the most to me.

So if I could be your most cherished friend…that would be the best way this poem could end.



All text in marc’s blog is copyright 2013, Marc L. Kuhn


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