DeadLetter_ebookI have found that once I begin writing a new book, the process seems to flow rather smoothly.  I know some authors will tell you it’s a struggle all the way through to the end. It may take them years to complete a manuscript.  Not me.  In fact, the initial manuscript for my new book, DEAD LETTER, took only about two months to complete.  You may take this two ways.  First, lucky me, most writers would kill to be able to write a draft manuscript that quickly.  Or, second, it’s no wonder none of my books ever become best sellers.

What was most surprising was getting DEAD LETTER started.  The first chapter, which is one that some authors spend endless amounts of time on, more or less “burped” right out for me in one sitting.  I was especially pleased with the first few paragraphs.  I hope you are, too, because they take up the rest of today’s blog…


Sandra Henderson was her usual attentive self as she sat in trigonometry class and attempted to keep up with Mr. Kaufman’s triangular configurations drawn on the blackboard.  She was not aware that the button on her blouse, the second one down from the top, had come unfastened.

Robert Harris, who sat at the desk next to Sandra, was also attentive this afternoon.  He had noticed the opening in Sandra’s blouse and he was attempting to strategically place his head in such a position that it appeared as though he were paying attention to Mr. Kaufman, while still allowing him to stretch his eyes to the farthest possible position to the side of his face so that he could focus on the more interesting exhibit to his right.

“Mr. Harris, can you tell the class how to calculate angle ‘C’ of this triangle?” Mr. Kaufman asked in a voice considerably raised above his normal volume.  Robert was totally startled upon hearing his name.  In fact, that was actually all he did hear as he frantically readjusted his posture.

“Ah, excuse me.  What was the question again, sir?” Robert asked his teacher.

“Mr. Harris, I suggest you get your mind and eyes off the spherical aspects of geometry and back onto the angular pursuits of trigonometry.  That is, after all, what I am attempting to teach you in this brief amount of time you and I have together this semester.”

The class laughed.  No one had any idea what Mr. Kaufman was talking about, but it totally caught Robert Harris off guard in a most hilarious way.

At that very moment, the bell rang and the students sprang to their feet in unison.  It was the last class of the day.  They made their exit with corresponding haste.  Consequently, in the matter of the five or so seconds the bell was ringing, the incident was over and Robert was spared any further embarrassment.  In this same span of time, Sandra noticed her unfastened button and immediately corrected the situation.


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