Beauty and the Beast Illustration by Walter Crane

Attempts to beautify oneself is a process that begins at an early age here in America.  My 14-year-old granddaughter is obsessed with makeup.  She spends every last penny she has on eye shadow, lip gloss and a ton of other products.   She wants to look “beautiful.”  She does not understand that all this goo that she applies to her face every day is just that—goo.  Beauty, she hasn’t realized, is not outside.  It’s inside.  This is a difficult concept for a 14-year-old to comprehend, just as it is for many folks a lot older.  My blog buddy, Ron Carmean, takes a pretty good whack at it in today’s edition.

Beautiful People   …by Ron Carmean, Contributing Editor

Unless I forget myself, I never refer to someone who is “good looking” as “beautiful.”  On “looks” alone, I think a person can be cute, attractive, handsome, gorgeous, average, or homely.  But not beautiful.

Beautiful people are rare.  I have known four in my life.  Usually, they are older.  True beauty cannot describe someone in their 20s or 30s.  You know a beautiful person by how you feel when you are with them.  If you are in a good mood, time with them makes you feel even better.  If a day is overwhelming you, time with a beautiful person can leave you on an even keel, or point a way to a better tomorrow.

Beautiful people possess compassion, common sense, and wisdom in extraordinary amounts.  Life has been hard on them.  Fate has dealt them bad hands, yet they have played them well.  They have lost spouses, children, friends.  They usually get by with very little and they are not angry about that, or bragging about having accomplished much with few resources.

Whatever you feel, they understand it and can put it into words.  Their advice is most often common sense –but you might not see it that way, at least at first.  They understand things that puzzle most people.  Pain or loss has not left them frustrated or bitter, but wise. They see life with better eyes.  They embody an (American) Indian belief:  everyone can look, not everyone can see; everyone can listen, not everyone can hear.

Beautiful people see life as it is. They cope with it as best they can. They help you do the same.  In return, they ask…nothing.


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