I am one person you won’t find watching any of the virtual reality shows on television, or anything similar.  Our society’s obscene worshipping of celebrities—especially classless ones—leaves me sad and disappointed.  Given the commercial success of these kinds of individuals I realize I am in the minority.  Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are two examples.  It is beyond me why folks like these are held in such high esteem and have idiots with cameras invading every aspect of their lives in hopes of getting a shot they’ll sell for thousands of dollars or more.

As you know—unless you’ve been shrink-wrapped in some container for the past month—Kanye and Kim have recently had a blessed event which they promptly christened “North West.”  Imagine having to go through life with a name like that.  It’s as bad as River Phoenix.  A gesture like that is done for its pure rebellious sensationalism and has no regard for the person it affects.   And now, adding to the frenzy, an Australian magazine has offered the couple $3 million just so it can take some pictures of the baby.  Imagine that.

Perhaps as an actual sign of displaying some sophistication, the couple turned the offer down.  I, on the other hand, think accepting it could have been a tremendous opportunity for them to finally do something of merit.

My point is, the Wests certainly should not exploit their child, but why not exploit the opportunity.  It would have been most opportunistic—in a positive sense—to have accepted the magazine’s offer with the condition that the $3 million be distributed directly to some worthy causes.  Recent flood and tornado victims come to mind, as does pre-natal care for expectant mothers who cannot afford it; or how about some funds for returning vets who have suffered the consequences of war; or, or or. I am sure we can all list many worthy causes that could use some portion of $3 million dollars.

It’s disappointing how in this great land of opportunity things always seem lopsided.  We don’t pay a lot of attention to the more deserving among us.  We’re too busy idolizing icons less worthy.



My newest literary effort is imminent.

It’s called DEAD LETTER.

Stay tuned to this blog for further details!


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  1. Ron Carmean says:

    You are not a minority of one. Great post, as always.


  2. Leonor L Torres says:

    Admirable, excellent blog. You should send it as a letter to the editors of newspapers, for everyone to see.
    I agree with your sentiments 100%.


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