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As I am prone to do from time to time, I have made another life-changing decision.  I have decided that I will not become a medical lab technician.  Not that I have had any ambition to become such; I just lately came to the conclusion that the job isn’t what I would want to do for the rest of my life.  Now, there is that word again…life.  I’ve been thinking about that, too.

Somewhere in the surrounding 50 or so miles from where I sit, a complete stranger, probably in a white lab coat, is spreading a thin layer of tissue on a glass plate and examining it through a microscope.  This individual has been trained to look at this layer of tissue, this smear of human life, and determine whether or not it harbors any kind of characteristics that may be harmful to whoever supplied the specimen.  Obviously, the lab technician has no control over what is on the piece of glass.  He/she is merely trained to examine it and report on the findings.

I don’t think I could do this job.  I need to know more about the smear…like, from whom was it taken.  Someone famous?  Someone important?  A rock star…a bus driver…another lab technician?  Of course, it does not make any difference to know the source, but I would always wonder.  Let’s say the layer of tissue on the glass came from George.   Who is this George person?  Where does George live?  How will George react to the report I have to write about his smear?  How will George’s loved ones react?  Am I ruining George’s weekend?  His vacation?  His first date?  …His life?

I guess it’s a half-full/half-empty kind of job.  Sometimes you have good news for someone; sometimes not.  It’s all kept so clinical to me.  I guess it is best that way.  Best not to know whose smear it is and how your news will change, or not change his or her life. Nope, I could not be a lab technician.  I need to know.

A thin layer of tissue on a glass plate says a lot about a person.  It holds more drama and suspense than a 300-page mystery novel or the latest end-of-earth offering at IMAX.  There’s no trailer to see beforehand, no review to read on the Internet.  Instead, you just get a lab report from someone in a white lab coat who will never know anything about you…except the most critical piece of information you’ll ever want to know.  I hope my wait isn’t long.


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