Today is Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the good and great mothers.  For the not so good and not so great?  Well, you ladies just have a nice day and let it go at that.

I am sure you went through the same feelings I did when I was a young child.  I would always wonder why there was a Mother’s Day and a Father’s Day but there wasn’t a day devoted to me—a Kid’s Day.

Mom would always tell me—your mother said the same thing, too—“That’s because every day is kid’s day!”  I don’t know why I accepted that answer, but I did.  What a copout!   Think about it.  Moms and Dads get both a birthday and then another full day devoted to each of them.  That’s twice the number of cards and twice the number of gifts and twice the number of dinners at a nice restaurant.  Well, if “everyday is kid’s day” then why don’t kids get cards and gifts and dinners every day?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Fairness is a big deal with me.  I’ve been accused of being obsessed with fairness.  My father was an exceptionally fair-mined person.  I guess I get most of my fairness from him.  In fact, if you ever need a referee or a judge or some kind of arbitrator…well, look no further.  You won’t find anyone more fair-minded than me.  Okay, you get the picture.  Now, let’s move on the real point I’m trying to make today.

It is nice that folks get a day dedicated to them.  Everybody should.  Today it’s Mom’s turn.  Next month, on June 16th, it’ll be Dad’s turn.  I don’t remember what month it takes place in, but nowadays there’s even a day devoted to grandparents.  Gee, I’ve never gotten a Grandparent’s Day card.  It’s okay, no biggie.

So, quit stalling, I say to myself.  Get it out.  That’s one reason I have a blog.  Let everyone know what’s really bugin’ me.  All right, here it is…Today is Mother’s Day.  I am not a mother.  But today…today…today is my birthday.  Now, I ask you: is that fair?!!!!



May is International Green Month (see May 5 Blog)

Please do something Green!


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  1. Marc Kuhn says:

    Personally, I’d go for the summer solstice. This age thing is getting old…literally!


  2. Suzanne Langman says:

    Happy Birthday
    So now I have a Dilemma, on June 21, do I celebrate the summer culstice or my birthday

    Aloha from Suzanne’s iPad


  3. Leonor Torres says:

    Happy Birthday!


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