A TV commercial flew past my face last night and when it was over I had no idea of what it was about.  I was baffled.  It was for a phone, I think, or an app for a phone that allows you to pay your bills by pushing a few buttons.  That much I got.  The context that all this was placed in made absolutely no sense to me.  It was like I was watching a commercial for a bottle of aspirin and all the visuals showed a walrus having a haircut.  Like, totally no connection.

I figured this is another sign of aging.  If I were 30 I would have probably understood everything about the commercial.  There was a day that few things got past me.  I worked in public media all my life.  I was a person who participated in making decisions about the things that were put on the air.  In order to be successful at this process, one needs to stay exceptionally “contemporary.”  You have to stay on top of trends and the latest gadgets.  Back then I watched a lot of television, went to the movies, scanned any magazine within three feet and basically tried to “stay hip.”  Now that I am retired, I don’t do any of that anymore.  Hence, I don’t know what the hell that phone commercial was trying to sell me.

I discovered long ago that the hardest thing an individual has to learn is that NOT everyone thinks and feels the way he/she does.  That’s why I believe there is no such thing as common sense.  What is “common” to me is not necessarily “common” to you.  This is why each age group seems relative to itself and seldom to those younger or older.  I have no interest in One Direction and eye liner, as does my 14-year-old granddaughter.  Meanwhile, she has no interest in family history or what cream will stop the damn itch that’s drives me nuts.

The lesson I am attempting to pass on here is nothing new.  Things change; so do people.  One’s mindset is never really set.  If you accept that premise, life will be a bit easier to live.  My mother once warned that the taste in furniture my wife and I had as newlyweds would be exactly the opposite twenty years later. Mom was right.  Of course, moms are always right.  Isn’t that common sense?  …isn’t it?


May is International Green Month (see May 5 Blog)

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