Moving Furniture…


Gulp!  Another one of my high school classmates has died.  I’m of the age group now that things like this start happening—peers begin to check out.  This gentleman was fondly remembered, as well he should be.  From what I recall, he had a very pleasant, easy-going personality.  I have never run into him since we graduated back in the 60s but I can bet he wasn’t the kind that ever showed up on anyone’s “jerk list.”

He signed my yearbook; said it was “great knowing you, good luck!”  That alone makes him kind of special to me.  I was a very low-profiler in high school and I don’t have a vast collection of “good lucks” signed in my yearbook.  That’s one of the items on my if-I-had-to-do-it-over-again list I would have done better.  Alan–that was my classmate’s name–had early Alzheimers of all things; something which must have been grueling for his family.  I wish them many good, fond memories of their loved one.

This sad news is uncomfortable.  It is a melancholy time of year for me.  My birthday is this month.  Once an incredibly exciting and anticipated event, birthdays at my age begin to lose much of their glow.  They now have a tendency to look back, not forward, except maybe to pose the question of how many more will there be. You know it won’t be as many as there have been…available while supplies last!

Meanwhile, the warranty on my body expired many miles ago and some of the parts are beginning to wear or just stop working.  I’d like to call a tow truck, but I’m not sure where it’d take me.  So I’ll just sit awhile here on the roadside with my blinkers blinking and hope, as I always do, that I start up again after a short rest.  My ’53 Chevy used to do that, too.

Okay, so nuff of this stuff.  May is supposed to be the “merry” month and it is, after all, International Green Month as proclaimed in my last blog.  Gee, things aren’t so down and out after all.  It’s simply a matter of how you adjust your thinking and posture those folks and things around you.   Which reminds me, maybe it’s time to rearrange the furniture.  Do you think the couch will look better on the other side of the blog?


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