Here are a few of the birds that hang around my back patio, probably because I feed them, not because they like me.  They do, however, allow me to take their picture if I am quick about it.

Muscovy1First, there is the Muskovy Duck.  These guys are the most prevalent, most likely due to their reckless incestuous abandonment.  Despite their number and their occasional aggressive behavior toward each other, their little ones are easy pickins’ for the Great White Egret.  It is not unusual to see a dozen ducklings just hatched and a week later maybe 2-3 have survived the Great White Egret’s beak of death.

ibis (2)

This is the Ibis.  It’s claim to fame, besides being a scavenger, is that it is the mascot of the University of Miami.  When one arrives you can expect another ten or more to show up within  a minute.

gooseksm (2)

This is the Egyptian Goose.  The female is incredibly noisy.  She honks incessantly.  They are super aggressive and don’t tolerate any other birds being around their young.  Unlike the Muskovy’s, the Egret doesn’t have goose for dinner too often.

WoodStrkB (2)

If there is anyone to challenge the Egyptian Goose, it is the Wood Stork who has a whole head only a mother Wood Stork could love.  Usually a calm, docile creature who will eat out of your hand, the Wood Stork does not like being bothered when he is eating.  The Goose has learned this.  See…

TheBigFightSM (2)


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