Friend? Follower? Or Foe?

PrizeSMA quick note before my blog today:  My one book, THE POPE’S STONE, is the subject of a review “tour” all this week. Various book reviewers will be posting a review of my book on their blogs and elsewhere.  Featured is a special prize giveaway (pictured right).  You are eligible to win one of four prize packages consisting of a signed copy of the book and a personal journal.  All the links for the tour are at the end of the first review which you can link to as follows:


CollageAs much of a wonder I find the Internet, I still find it perplexing at times.  Why?  Because that person–that stranger–on the other end of your e-mails, or your tweets or your blogs or whatever, may not really be who—or what—you think he, she or it really is.  You get my drift?  And conversely, since I admit I do kind of care what people think about me, I sometimes wonder if any of the people I’ve linked up with think I may be some kind of wacko.  See, like I say…perplexing.

But there I go again looking at the Internet’s glass as half empty instead of half full.  My friends yell at me for always being negative.  I should have faith in the fact that most people are decent and caring, kind and gentle…just like me.  There should be no hesitation on either side of the cyberlink.

sallyI have a new friend I met through this blog.  She was one of the first to show up.  I was flattered.  Someone gave me a “like” and that meant someone actually enjoyed what I wrote.  This is what writing is all about.  This is what the actress, Sally Field, meant years ago when she accepted an Oscar.  Some of you remember that.  She was at a loss of words except to say, “You liked me.  You really liked me.”  I know the feeling.  It must be awesome to become a star and have a crowd of followers who suddenly love everything you sing or act or write.

So here I am with my new friend.  She is young enough, or I should say I am old enough, to squeak by as a granddaughter.  So, indeed, I have “adopted” her as an honorary granddaughter—I have six already so what’s one more!  We have become good buddies, like adolescent pen pals corresponding from one side of the world to the other.

heroShe is your basic overachiever; a regular wonder woman—the kind of person who makes you want to shrivel up to a little splotch on the floor chanting “I’m not worthy” over and over.  She has a degree in international relations and aspires to be a foreign diplomat for her country.  She speaks four languages and reads more books in a month than I do in a year.  Her biggest dilemma since we’ve “met” is panicking over whether or not she’d have a date for Valentine’s Day.  Believe me, she is being humble.  I have seen her picture and I assure you she has no problem attracting young men…or old ones, obviously.

She has a blog that she uses to review books.  I wrote a book.  She decides she must review it.  She decides even more.  She must have her network of blog reviewers review my book, too.  She calls this a “tour” and she has done all the work, all the prep and logistics.  That means all this week there are reviews being blogged on my book (THE POPE’S STONE, available at amazon) on a gazillion url’s across the universe.

My granddaughter on the other side of the world (that’s how I refer to her) has done all this for me…some stranger she has never met.  Isn’t that amazing?  Gotta love her–she’s a sweetheart.  For all she knows I could be a slimy weirdo with all kinds of disturbances going on inside me and she’d be none the wiser.  But she does not think that way. girlknife She is one of those decent and caring and kind and gentle people I referred to….I think.  Maybe she’s really a serial killer and she is slowly pulling me in.  Like, maybe she’s lining me up to buy her an airplane ticket so we can meet and then she will stick a foot-long dagger in me and waste me like some worthless piece of cardboard.  Ok, I admit it, there I go again with the negative thingy.

Of course, none of these bad things are happening.  She is simply a wonderful human being doing what her wonderfullness drives her to do.  In the meantime, she has convinced some of her young lady blogging friends that I am someone they should “friend” or “follow” or whatever it is bloggers do to mate.  If I were, indeed, a sheriffdirty old man, this would be heaven.  But then I think about the parents of these sirens—ah, young ladies.  I was once a parent of a young lady.  Y’know, like I was the sheriff in the house.  I wouldn’t have some dirty old Internet slime ball linked up with my daughter.  No way.  That dude’s goin’ in the hoosegow until I figure him out.

Now, I asked my new wonder woman friend what I should do.  If I “follow” any of these babes—ah, young ladies–does that make me a stalker?  What if I opt to “friend” them–is that a little too forward?  After all, we haven’t even met, or danced, or shared a coke.  I haven’t taught any of them how to drive a car or tie a tie for God’s sake.

coldknowLike I said, this whole internet thing is perplexing.  As scary as it can be because of those few who always need to be disruptive, that’s all the more exhilarating it becomes when good people and their good deeds rise to the top. I’m tossed between taking a cold shower or having coffee and a cigarette.  Might this blog thing be meant only for disengaged types?  Maybe we emotional crawl-abouts need to sit back and just watch for a while.  WaddaUthink?

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I am a retired radio exec. I've worked at major stations in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami. That was then. This is now: I've published seven books and this blog thingy. Need to know more? Really? Okay, I bare/bear all at The other links are for the websites of each of the books I've written. I've been busy! Hope you'll stop by and check them out. Thanks for your interest!
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9 Responses to Friend? Follower? Or Foe?

  1. This post is so sweet! I’m one of the bloggers in Monica’s army of minions who’s reviewing your book. I think anyone who knows Monica can tell it’s her from the first few paragraphs.

    The Pope’s Stone is brilliantly written. The plot is awesome and it is now my favorite historical fiction book. I mean it.

    *yells to the sky* Marc Kuhn is BRILLIANT!


  2. Lottie Eve says:

    I will definitely read those 🙂 Sorry Monica! *runs away so Monica won’t catch her*


  3. Marc Kuhn says:

    Lottie Eve…we have to stop meeting like this. What will Monica say!! If you must know, I may get back to “Pope” someday, but I had to let it rest a little. I am, however, halfway through my next effort. If you are bored and figure there is no help, I direct you to a series of my blogs that began on Feb 7 called “Author Diaries.”
    These will tediously tell you about the book I am currently writing. Now, go get a life and get out of here before Monica catches us…oh the guilt!


  4. Lottie Eve says:

    Nope, I haven’t left ^^ I am now a fan of your’s. I don’t read historical fiction much but The Pope’s Stone has definitely changed my mind about the genre! You should be proud of your book! It is amazing 🙂 I will be one of the first (I think Monica will beat me) to buy your next book.
    P.S. Are you planning on writing a sequel to The Pope’s Stone. The ending is very open so I was just wondering!


  5. Marc Kuhn says:

    Dear Lottie Eve… Usually, I tend to be more of a low-self-esteemer than an ego-maniac. But this book review tour is beginning to give me the wiggles. Here on my blog and back there, behind the blog curtain, there are a number of people saying very nice things about me or about my book, you among them. I don’t know whether to sit down and be still or put rocket launchers on my shoes. Maybe tomorrow I will go to the courthouse and see if I can get a restraining order against myself. In the meantime, I will put on my “I Feel Good!” T-shirt and take a moment to thank all those who have been so kind, you still being among them….you haven’t left have you?


  6. Lottie Eve says:

    This is one of the sweetest post I have ever read ^^ The Pope’s Stone was a book that I thought was amazing and I do hope that you keep on writing! I am trying to do as much as I can in order to get your book out there even though I am pretty new to networking and such 🙂


  7. Marc Kuhn says:

    Dear neenz87: Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to offer a comment. You are a wonderful human being for doing what you are doing and I will treat you with utmost respect and dignity. Can you tie a tie?
    Love, Monica’s Adopted Grandpop


  8. neenz87 says:

    What an awesome post!!. I love Monica equally well. She is indeed a lovely young friend :). I am glad to be a part of this tour. I love The Pope’s Stone. Even this post is written so well. I love it!. My review will be put up on my blog on the 13th and I will do everything I can to publicize it. Promise 🙂


  9. 최다해 gongjumonica says:

    Aww, geez. Do you really have to make me cry, Grandpop? *sniffs* Sorry, I can’t help but comment. And er, the blind item thing is moot now. Hehe.

    I may not know Sally Field, but I know what she feels, too. I am happy that you also like me and my blog and for that we became friends. I am also a stranger to you and could be a swindler or something informing you that you won the national lottery even if you didn’t join. Still, you befriended me. And the wonderful thing is? You stick with me all through my craziness and ranting.

    This comment is looking like another post, so I should cut it before we bore your visitors here reading my rambling. I am glad to meet you, really. I just hope we can do something about our -not-genetically-shared negativity. I am a huge vertical minus sign, too.


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