Thinking Outside the Tree!

plumeriaWe have a Plumeria tree in the back yard.  Originally it was a foot-long stick we brought back from Hawaii.  Now, it’s about seven feet high.  What is different about the Plumeria tree is that it loses all its leaves in the winter.  Now, I can right away hear my northern neighbors saying, “Sooo?”  Well, down here in South Florida it is very rare to see a tree without its leaves all year round.

The-SeasonsWe do not have the four distinctive seasons.  We have only three climate changes during the year.  They are:

— God, this is paradise!

— Holy crap, it’s hotter ‘n hell!

— Thank God this is the last day (3rd) of these cold 50 degree temperatures!

Those are our three seasons.  During portions of seasons 1 and 3, the Plumeria loses its leaves and looks very very naked compared to all the other trees.

This got me to thinking.  If we are the exception and the norm is to have most of the trees shed their leaves in the fall and then grow new ones in the spring, then how come Mother Nature didn’t make this cycle consistent…and why not with everything, not just trees?  By now, I’m more than just thinkin’.

I’m at the What if? stage.  Consider these what if’s:


WHAT IF… humans where to shed their arms and legs every fall and grow new ones back in the spring. Just think, we’d probably never get arthritis in our fingers; planter’s warts wouldn’t last long; joint replacements would be a thing of the past; our hands would always be carefree soft and gentle; etc. etc.

WHAT IF… Our hair fell out every fall and then grew back again in the spring. hair If you didn’t like it straight, maybe next time you’d get curly; if you died it too many times, not to worry because you’d have a whole new head of hair to play with in the spring; if you were prone to baldness, it would just begin to show and–bam!–new strands would start cropping up in April; etc. etc.

WrelationshipsHAT IF… your brain cells died off in the fall and then rejuvenated themselves in the spring.  Imagine, you might have a whole new personality every spring; all your likes and dislikes and tastes might change come springtime; in the fall you might stink at math and in the spring you’d be a rocket scientist;  wished you could have learned how to play that damn piano?  It’s okay, you will in the spring.

Whoa!  Stop! Think about this for a minute.  If our personality changed each year, along with our likes andbadjob dislikes, and our skills and capabilities, we might be dumping old relationships and careers in the fall and beginning new ones in the spring. Divorce would be mutual—we’d all just reshuffle into new relationships and, hey, ain’t spring love just the best!  And that crappy boss and crummy job?  They’d get shoved in the fall and replaced in the spring.

godWell, I am just amazed where my mind will wander. One moment I’m looking at the bare Plumeria tree in the back yard and the next moment I’m reinventing the cycle of life.  Is this a good thing?  Not sure.  What if I really was God and decided to go with this plan?  Wow!  This got me to even more thinking…maybe you guys shouldn’t be making any plans for the next two months.


Marc Kuhn is the author of three books.  Recently published is an adult historical novel, THE POPE’S STONE.  The other two books are for children:  NEVER GOOSE A MOOSE…And a bunch of other things you should never do!; and ABOUT A FARM, lessons for life regardless of where you live.

All three books are available at and each has its own .com website under its title.

About Marc Kuhn

I am a retired radio exec. I've worked at major stations in Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Miami. That was then. This is now: I've published seven books and this blog thingy. Need to know more? Really? Okay, I bare/bear all at The other links are for the websites of each of the books I've written. I've been busy! Hope you'll stop by and check them out. Thanks for your interest!
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2 Responses to Thinking Outside the Tree!

  1. Marc Kuhn says:

    Hi –When we were in Honolulu, they sold short pieces of Plumaria in plastic packaging in all the gift shops so I guess it was legal to buy them and take them back with us….thanks for stopping by blog.


  2. Awesome how well it’s grown . . . . I didn’t know they let branches through the airport in HI? I should try it next time.


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